Art Conservation & Restoration-Canvas-Ceramics-Photography-Gold Gilding & Kintsugi-Curatorial Services & Installation.

We can assess all artwork mediums for damage, supply a quote, and complete the conservation or restoration on request.

Specialised Art Services / is located @ 1/6 Virginia Grove, Southport, 4215. Post or personal deliveries are accepted during business hours. Please call Stephen to arrange an appointment on 0410680976 or email We can supply an up-to-date assessment.

The best starting point for an initial assessment and quote is via, Text or Email. Take several clear images of the damage. Back or base, and front of the complete piece in situ or otherwise, as well as close-ups of the damage or wear and tear. Pass the images onto Stephen via Text or Email. We will get back to you ASAP.

Stephen Baxter receiving his certificate of successful completion for Preservation & Collection Management Training

Community Heritage Grants

We can also deliver Specialised Art Installation Services for any situation.

Before and after canvas repair

Before and after canvas tear repair by Stephen Baxter

Recent Barsony ceramic repairs/conservation @ Art Services

We also specialise in Kintsugi ceramic repairs. Kintsugi, meaning Golden Joinery in Japanese, is the art of repairing cracked or broken pottery with Gold or Silver.

Kintsugi philosophy: if an object has been damaged it has more of a history and should therefore be celebrated and highlighted, rather than hidden or discarded. From きん (kin, “gold”) +  (tsugi, “repairing, mending; joining”).

Slideshow of recent Kintsugi repair.

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  • Stephen-Baxter-Gold Coast Artist-Fun-Selfie-mockup-of-a-possible-end-use-for-3D-printed-and-CNC-machined-sculptures

Design, manufacture and installation of Chinese screen, non invasive, wall mounting system by ART247- Stephen Baxter.