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We can assess all artwork mediums for damage, supply a quote and complete the conservation or restoration on request. Specialised Art Services Studio is located in Southport, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. Post or personal deliveries are accepted during business hrs @ 1/6 Virginia Grove, Southport, 4215. Please call Stephen to arrange an appointment on 0410680976 or email We can supply an up-to-date assessment or valuation on request.

We can also deliver Specialised Art Installation Services for any situation.

Before and after canvas repair

Before and after images of a Norman Lindsay drawing conservation 2023.

Slide show of recent Barsony ceramic repairs / conservation @ Art Services

We also specialise in Kintsugi ceramic repairs. Kintsugi, meaning Golden Joinery in Japanese, is the art of repairing cracked or broken pottery with Gold or Silver.

Kintsugi philosophy: if an object has been damaged it has more of a history and should therefore be celebrated and highlighted, rather than hidden or discarded. From きん (kin, “gold”) +  (tsugi, “repairing, mending; joining”).

Slideshow of recent Kintsugi repair.

  • Tiger Kintsugi repair before
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