Bilby # 1


Found stainless steel & vintage silver trays
wall sculpture ready to hang
H 74 x W 54 x D 20cm


I began making Bilby-related artworks in 2021 to remind me of their vulnerability and as an inspiration for others to become interested in their plight. I began with stainless steel found materials because of the availability of discarded stainless steel items at OP shops and Tip shops. Stainless steel is also a highly industrialised and durable material, the opposite to our cute, vulnerable little fury native friends. Before the European migration to Australia, Bilbies lived in the more arid zones of our continent and now they have very small pockets of habitation. They are not extinct yet. They may have lived in the areas we use as parks. I would love to see a Bilby or three when walking in my local park.