Stainless Steel, pine, glass and found silver, wall sculpture
ready to hang.


All of my Art making is grounded in the thesis known as Bricolage. Coined by Structural Anthropologist Claud Levi-Strauss in 1962, coincidentally the year I was born. Strauss’s thesis proposes that of the Bricoleur (a do-it-yourself professional person) toiling away in a studio or other work environment, building or constructing something new from used, found-at-hand materials.

Smoky Mouse is constructed from found and at hand materials. I began placing various at hand materials together until this stylised and cheeky looking mouse appeared. After Researching endangered Australian native animals I came across the Smoky Mouse and learned of it’s plight.

The Smoky Mouse was once commonly found in southeastern Australia, and is sadly edging closer towards extinction.

They are a gentle little mouse with a two-toned pink and grey tail and very soft blue-grey fur which gives them their name.

The major threats
Changes to and the complete loss of habitat is the main threat to the Smoky Mouse. They are also very vulnerable to the increasing numbers of predatory foxes and feral cats.

In the future, we hope to protect the current populations and return the mice back to the Otways and East Gippsland, where they used to occur.

How you can help
Raise community awareness and support for the Smoky Mouse.
Visit our zoos to support our work to fight extinction.
Donate if you can.
Discover more about local conservation events and join the growing number of wild activists taking action for local wildlife.