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“Summer melt down” H47 x W47 x D8cm (Surfers Paradise sand and miniatures on canvas with handmade frame)


Mixed media painting with miniatures and hand-made box frame, ready to hang.


Summer Meltdown by Stephen Baxter is a mixed media painting with handmade box frame. The hills and dunes appear to be melting as a family enjoys the outdoors, playing in the sand and on the rocks. After many years of experimenting with all types of mediums, I have invented a way to mix oil paint with various fillers enabling an extremely textured surface to the canvas without the inhibiting drying time associated with artists’ oil paint. The sand was collected from Surfers Paradise beach and applied to this painting. The tiny people are 3D models attached to the canvas, to help achieve a sense of scale and realism. I have been including small model people into paintings from time to time from the early eighties. Experimentation with tiny dioramas with the Scalextric set we used to love fooling around with was a pastime as children as well.


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Weight2 kg
Dimensions8 × 47 × 47 cm