Baxter was taught how to make screen prints and etchings at art school in 1981-2 by the Australian painter and printmaker, Normana Wight. He has been making digital prints over the years as computers have become more useful and efficient, likewise digital printing. When making digital prints he usually begins with a photograph of a painting previously made, and manipulates the image with various computer programs, mainly Photoshop, to then print on demand. Print editions are unique and usually limited to under 50 prints.

“I discovered the ‘Voronoi Diagram’ around 1993 when experimenting with an early version of one of my computer programs. After many years of experimentation, as the program developed, the function became useful, and since 1996 I have been able to produce interesting results, [see ‘Diamond View‘ series].”

Baxter has also experimented with a Mosaic-style program developed around 2000 by one of his friends. The program enables the artist to produce a larger image from many smaller images enabling the production of a pixelated portrait or image of a pet or landscape. The program has become commercially available in various forms since those early days, [see, ‘Flower Mosaic’, series].

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