Stephen Baxter is a multi-disciplinary artist living and working from his Southport studio, on the Gold Coast, in Queensland, Australia.

As a child, in the 1960s and ’70s, I remember writing, ‘SB was here’, in recently poured cement or dust on windows, school desks, and chalk on footpaths. I wanted people to know I was here.  These days, for me, the making of Art is about storytelling and recording time. Recording time spent in my immediate environment, and recording what I see, experience, imagine, and think. I like to explore ideas that develop over time. I have projects begun at art school in the early eighties that are still being worked on and added to. If an artwork comes back from an exhibition or gallery, I sometimes rework and add to it, they are like old friends, and the texture of time rather than the image becomes important to me. You can quite often tell the age of my paintings, like the age rings of an old tree, the older canvases are deeply textured with layers of time.

I like to experiment with multiple techniques and mediums to relay my thoughts and life experience. Found materials interest me as they are a physical record of our time and I like to use them where possible. Sometimes I make molds of objects found at Op Shops and the like. Making ceramic sculptures, found stainless steel and silver sculptures, and paintings are my main interests at the moment. I also make prints, videos, and design and make furniture and lighting. My research on the strategy known as Bricolage is extensive and ongoing and I often deploy those principles when developing artworks. Someone once described my process as ‘an evolutionary eclectic, and quite often serendipitous handmade process’.

‘I like to challenge what is traditionally accepted as the norm and believe ongoing experimentation is essential because change is constant, and nothing is set in stone’.

Stephen exhibits regularly and is available for commissions. 

Stephen Baxter 2022


From within Australia Call: 04 10 680 976 – International: 61 4 10 680 976 – E-mail: Contact@art247.biz  

BANK TRANSFER – CASH and PayPal accepted – All prices as shown in AU dollars – Packing and post calculated on request   

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