My work is available @ Art Lovers Australia, Southport, and Melbourne Galleries.

@bluethumb website.

@Kerrie Lowe Gallery, Sydney.

SB Gallery Shop on this site.

  • Stephen Baxter-"Untitled" Ultra thick Archival oil paint on canvas H500 x W 300cm commissions accepted :)
  • Stephen-Baxter-Gold-Coast-Sculpture-Lone-Surfer Swell Sculpture Festival Currumbin

The Sydney Teapot Show, Kerrie Lowe Gallery, from 1-17 September 2017.


Kerrie Lowe Gallery Sydney


Cheeky Mouse Teapot by Stephen Baxter
Cheeky Mouse Teapot by Stephen Baxter (private collection, Sydney)

SCENESTER The Sydney Teapot Show

Koala Teapot by Stephen Baxter
Koala Teapot by Stephen Baxter, (Kerrie Lowe Gallery, Sydney).


Astro Teapot by Stephen Baxter
Astro Teapot by Stephen Baxter, (private collection, Sydney).


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